Panacéia dos Amigos




Arte por René Magritte


It´s a darkday for you, a kind of cracking mind
Lots and lots of mistakes of our unknown friends
Small pieces of tears so for long time
It´s so hard when nobody´s trying help to understand

All the time we´ll can sing for a lonely soul
that life is pain, but you´re not alone
If you listen me now, let me say and you´ll know
All pain will are fade away, will gone

There´s a stone toward the space between you and me
Let´s come a stream of time quickly to a gorgeous win
Stone will come be a flower do you see?
Maybe all your face in blue can change as a dream

Sing with me, sing with me tonight
We´ll always to be one
Sing with me, sing with be for a long time
Today let´s come , only today, the heaven´s welcome

P.H. de Moraes

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