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In 1997 , I was attending in a special insert of culture in the newspaper in my town called " Mania " (Craze)  , must be difficult for those of post - Google Era understand the difficulty of access to cultural information in any segment . 

So to have an access to the latest information I let the music articles were written by a friend of mine, living in a larger city and part of a band had more access to information than myself.

One of these articles caught my attention, quoting British and American bands with women in their training, and it was there that I first saw something about Veruca Salt. The name appealed to me right away , I talked to my friend and I got a cassette with " Seether " and enjoyed the rest as they say is history.

How would the genius of mutants Arnaldo Baptista “women in rock is something sensational!” The band's sound was excellent, the bass player Steve Lack and the drummer Jim Shapiro had what I call reticent charisma. In short, do not force appear especially and rightfully so, and appear well. Nina and Louise… well, what to say? Women frontliners ,singing very well and composing your songs , when I found out that the band had influences that I love like the Beatles(eight arms to hold you, right!) all closed neatly into a special synergy.

Reminiscences aside, Veruca Salt appeared in 1992, led by Louise Post and Nina Gordon, the two main songwriters, when bassist Steve Lack and drummer Jim Shapiro completed the original lineup. The name "Veruca Salt" was taken from a character in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The sound follows a mixed with quite accessible melodies and undeniable pop appeal. After a few shows as tour support band Hole, Veruca Salt arouses the attention of several major record labels and eventually signed with Geffen, which relaunches "American Thighs." In the summer of 1994, the single "Seether" becomes a big hit in the US. 

It was the beginning of a promising career. In early 1998, Nina Gordon announces his departure from Veruca Salt. His projects after his departure from the band included a stake in the album of James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins guitarist) and the composition of songs for a solo album, which was eventually released in 2000.For several months the future of Veruca Salt was uncertain, since he had lost one of its leaders. 

In 1999, Louise Post announced that the band would continue. It dates back to the band, breaks with the Geffen label and launches Solve disc in 2000 by indie label Beyond.

Fine, but for the old fans there was no way be the same thing. A band is the integration of personalities that generates a set and creates a bond with your audience instantly happens, when change is not the same band and is not the same connection, simple as that. So forgive me bands change members, is not the same band, for many, is just the same name.

Anyway, fortunately in April 2014, the band announced his return to recording some songs for Record Store Day along with a tour of the US North with the 1992 original line and returned with vigor and talent. It is very gratifying to see an original training back with a beautiful song like “Laughing in the Sugar Bowl”, direct, fast, exciting. Looking to the future without forgetting the past Veruca Salt is back! And we expect the usual, great songs! Welcome back!! ..

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