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Significance of Colours

Colours. They have a profound influence on every one in several levels– physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This a interesting list and informations that I knew and decided post here:

See bellow a list of colours and a few about their characteristics:


GREY: Latent powers; indecision,adversity

BLACK: Physical (evil); Higher levels, depths of understanding, holds all knowledge

WHITE: Wholeness; expansion, generous, pure spirit

AMETHYST:Spiritual; Mystical

PURPLE: Progressive; silent influence

RED: Impulsive; fiery, warm hearted

BROWN: Depth of thought; 'brown study'

INDIGO: Peace Loving; sympathetic, devotion

ORANGE: Intellect

GREEN: Ambition; equilibrium, greed, envy

BLUE : Kindness; patience

YELLOW: Creative, activity

The basis of colour healing consists in causing certain molecular reactions in the body through the medium of the rays.

So, friends, an advantage of this use of colours is that works at all levels of being and many books explain this characteristics.

I will continue to post in this blog, some information that I can get.

Information extracted of the book "The Twelve Rays", James Sturzaker

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